Published articles

I have written a number of articles that draw together the different themes of this website. Here they are:

Climate Change and the Spiritual Exercises  was published by The Way magazine in April 2012.

The-Environment-the-Economy-and-the-Good-Life was published by the European Investment Bank Institute in 2014.

What are we for? That is the question  was published by Dantemag in 2015.

How the virtue of greed is destroying ‘our common home’ is an analysis of Pope Francis’ encyclical letter on the environment entitled: Laudato Si. It was published on Dantemag in September 2015.

Jeremy Corbyn’s economic turn  analyses the economic policies of Jeremy Corbyn at the time of his election as leader of the Labour Party, arguing in particular that these policies are more orthodox than those of the Chancellor Osborne and the present Tory government. It was also published in Dantemag in September 2015

Cop 21 – United Nations Paris Conference on Climate Change is a simple explanation of the conference published at the time of its opening on November 30, 2015

The Competing Narratives of Brexit: Delay, Recession and Confusion argues that the remaining 27 Members of the EU could stop Brexit if they wanted to do so by simply and spontaneously extending the negotiation period to five years instead of two, while refusing any transitional period. This would give the British people time to come to their senses again and perhaps for a new government to be elected in Britain. The argument is set out in more detail in my blog post here.  The article itself was published online by Dantemag on 4 September 2017.

Other writing

This paper, Environmental Challenges and UBI, was due to be delivered at a conference on basic income in Slovenia in March 2015 organised by the European campaign for a basic income. In fact I did not get to the conference, so the papet was not delivered. Still, it may be of interest since it draws out the link between environmental issues and the campaign for a ‘basic’ or ‘citizen’ income.

On a largely unrelated topic, in 1994, I.B. Tauris published a book of mine on Africa. It was an attempt to assess the historical, political, social and economic factors that were constraining Africa’s development at that time. It is long out of print but you can download the full text, though without the diagrams, here: Africa The Challenge of Transformation – Full Text